Wallpaper maintenance tips in Atlanta luxury apartments

One thing common to all Atlanta luxury apartments is their luxury wallpapers. Paints are of out fashion and the best for walls these days are wallpapers. Dining hall, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms all can be covered with the variety of wallpapers available. The collection, the styles, and the colors are truly eye catching. Whether you are looking for sophisticated prints on wallpapers for your living room or you are looking for funky designs for your teenager’s room you get what you want.

With easy installation and with the ease of taking care and removing wallpapers have become common to most homes. Here are four golden tips on how to maintain the glory of the wallpapers.

Vacuum the wallpaper- like you vacuum the carpet and the sofa you can vacuum the wall covering too. This makes the wallpaper look pristine and gorgeous. Attach the soft brush to the cleaner to continue with the vacuuming. Start the vacuuming from the top and then move downwards. Repeat it more than once. Cobwebs can be dangerous. Remove then rather than brushing them.  Depending on your time you can vacuum then once a month. For those without vacuum cleaners, soft cloth attached to the broomstick can be a great alternative.

Dough for cleaning- for delicate wallpapers you cannot use water to clean the wallpapers. To clean the Atlanta luxury apartments wallpaper purchase wallpaper cleaning dough. Stick the dough to the area of the tough stain. Roll the dough over the stain. When the dough gets dirty, knead it again to get a cleaner surface and again stick it on the stain to remove it.

Test before washing the wallpapers- some wallpapers are washable while others are not washable. Test on a small corner of the wallpaper to find out it if is washable. If on washing with water changes the color, it becomes soggy it means that the wallpaper is not meant for washing. Clean it with stain removal dough or use a vacuum cleaner instead.

Washing is recommended in bathrooms and kitchen area- for these always choose washable papers as dusting and vacuuming in not enough to remove the oil and the grease. Washing with liquid soap is more recommended to fight the grease. However, do not use warm water. Use normal tap water when cleaning.

Cleaning is necessary to make the wallpaper look fresh and for it to last a longer period.