Important Notice:

The ELIZABETH ORDWAY DUNN FOUNDATION is slated to cease operations with the grantmaking session in May, 2013. No grant proposals will be accepted beyond the deadline for that session which is March 15, 2013.

Elizabeth Ordway Dunn, who died in 1984, established The Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation in 1983.

The Foundation was created to make charitable contributions expected to provide in excess of $18 million over a 30 year period.


The Foundation's Fields of Interest:

The Directors of The Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation will focus on, but not be limited to, their interest in Florida environmental issues. This focus reflects and grows from Mrs. Dunnís love of the land and recognizes a critical need. Exceptions may be made to the field of environmental issues, but will occur infrequently and only upon the initiative of the Directors. Any exception will be limited to special opportunities in Florida judged by the Directors to be unusually compelling and of immediate impact. The Directors review fields of interest regularly. All decisions regarding both the timing and substance of any changes in fields of interest will be made by the Directors at their discretion.


The Foundation's Purpose:

The purpose of the Foundation is to make programmatic grants which significantly increase the ability of non-profit organizations to carry out their stated missions in fields of primary interest to the Directors.


Special interests within the environmental field include:

• Comprehensive planning and growth management
• Conservation of land and wildlife resources
• Energy conservation and renewable resource development
• Environmental health
• Preservation of biological diversity
• Pollution prevention and toxics use reduction
• Protection of coastal and fresh water ecosystems
• Sustainable development

The Foundation does not support:
• Arts organizations
• Capital campaigns
• Capital projects
• Deficit reduction
• Endowments
• Film, video or TV production
• Historic Preservation
• Individuals
• Museum or aquarium exhibits
• Projects outside Florida

• Research
• Scholarships
• School or classroom based environmental education
• Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation